SunHeater® 2 -2 'x 20' (80 sq. ft.) Complete Solar Heating System (S425P)

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  • Simple Do-It-Yourself Installation
  • Slotted Panels for Trouble-Free Installation on Ground, Roof, Rack or Fence
  • Small Box Size for Easy Merchandising and Shipping
  • Raises Pool Water Temperature 6-10°F (4-6°C)*
  • Uses Existing Pool Pump
  • Patented Web Design for Maximum Exposure to Sun’s Rays
  • Direct Flow System - One Header Hole for Each Heating Tube
  • All Connectors are Interchangeable with all Models
  • Attractive 4-Color Retail Packaging  (English & French)  
  • All Connection Hardware Included
  • Includes Roof/Rack Mounting Kit
  • Includes Diverter Valve Kit

* Actual temperature increases will vary depending on the weather conditions and exposure to the sun.


Round pools up to  

  15' - 24' 1 Solar Box
  27' - 28' 2 Solar Boxes
  Oval Pools up to                Quantity  
  12' x 24'-16' x25' 1 Solar Box
  16' x 32'-18' x 34'  2 Solar Boxes 

   Add A Solar Blanket To Retain The Heat
   For Year-Round Swimming Areas, Add 1 Solar Box

  SunHeater S425P Operation Manual




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