Pooleye® IG/AG Pool Immersion Alarm w/In-Home R

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  • Certified to ASTM  F2208 
  • Can be used for Inground and Aboveground Pools up to 18’ x 36’ 
  • Automatically Resets Within 3 Minutes of Leaving the Pool 
  • In-Home Remote Siren - Receives Signal up to 100’ Away 
  • Easy to install 
  • Includes Deck Mounting Bracket and Remote Receiver 
  • Battery Powered 
  • Low battery indicator 
  • Magnetic Key for Activating/Resetting 
  • 1 Remote can be used with Multiple Alarms 
  • Additional Alarm may be used for Larger Pools 
  • Poolside Siren 85+ db @10 ft 
  • 1-Year Warranty 
  • Attractive 4-Color Retail Packaging 

    Pooleye PE23 Operation Manual

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