Water Warden Safety Fences
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The Water Warden removable safety fence system provides a
reliable barrier against unauthorized access to an inground pool.
Each 12' section is constructed of a high quality mesh, with
reinforced edging which is enhanced with UV inhibitors for
maximum strength and longevity. The flexibility of the Water
Warden system allows the end user to customize the layout of the
fence to their unique pool shape.
• DIY installation • Available in both 4' and 5' heights

• Stainless steel, spring-loaded hook and eye, lock each 
   section securely

• Aluminum posts are reinforced with 1/2" stainless steel

• Polymer sleeves allow for consistent installation and deck

• Plastic caps included to keep anchors free of debris when
   fence is not in use

• 5-year limited warranty

Self-Closing Gates

Complete the installation of a Water Warden safety
fence system with a self-closing gate.

• Equipped with a Magna-Latch® self-latching system and
Tru-Close® hinges

• Available in both 4' and 5' heights

• Magna-Latch® comes with a manufacturer's limited
lifetime warranty 

Drill Guide

• Provides accurate, level and consistent drilling to ensure
proper installation

WaterWarden Safety Fence Manual
WaterWarden Safety Fence GATE Manual


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