ChlorEase Advantages Over Traditional Packaged Chlorine:

Eliminates Chlorine Handling & Storage
ChlorEase makes chlorine right in the pool water, automatically and continuously, so you no longer have to buy, store or handle dangerous packaged chlorine. Fire hazards associated with the storage of dry packaged chlorine are eliminated, as are any risks of potential contact with these chemicals by young children. No more lugging pails and buckets of chlorine to and from the store and the pool; and the days of forgetting to add chlorine to the pool become a thing of the past.

Better Water Quality
Many common water chemistry problems are the result of insufficient sanitization. Because ChlorEase helps keep a consistent Free Chlorine residual (1-3 ppm), your water is less likely to experience problems associated with periods of very high or low chlorine levels, such as algae growth or bather discomfort. Additionally, salt has a softening effect, just like a water softener, so hair and skin feels soft and silky rather than dry and brittle as with packaged chlorine.

No Red Eyes, Itchy Skin or Chlorine Odors
In pools sanitized with liquid or dry chlorine, the residue buildup (chloramines) from the oxidized contaminants may cause red eyes, itchy skin or rashes, and " a chlorine smell". In these pools, chloramines must be destroyed by superchlorination or shocking. In a ChlorEase pool, as water flows through the unit, it is constantly shocked because of the powerful sanitizing action that occurs in the electrolytic cell. With chloramines constantly being destroyed, the irritating side effects are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Simplified Water Chemistry
Chlorine stabilizer prevents chlorine from being destroyed too quickly by the sun. When using stabilized chlorine (such as Trichlor tablets or sticks), stabilizer levels increase over time and chlorine becomes less effective. A ChlorEase pool gives you control over stabilizer levels since you add it as needed. Controlled stabilizer levels, together with consistent chlorine levels, make water chemistry easier to maintain.

More Economical
After the initial cost of the ChlorEase saltwater chlorinator, you no longer have to purchase expensive packaged chlorine season after season. Aside from the initial startup, salt is only added to replace what is lost due to splash out, backwashing, pump out or draining, making the additional salt expense about $10-20 yearly. And, depending on climate and usage conditions, cells can last up to 5 years, and can be replaced. The only other cost is for electricity and that is very modest.

Environmentally Friendly
Salt is a safe and natural chemical. ChlorEase recycles salt over and over so there are no by-product wastes added to the environment.